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Your Donation Helps The Poor Around the World.

Recurring Pledge


Dear Donor,
Assalam O Alaykum
As most of ‎you are aware, The AlQaim Foundation (AQF) is a non-profit charity foundation that has been operating in Calgary since 2017. The AQF aims to help the needy momineen and the less-fortunate around the world. 
AQF will collect donations through monthly subscriptions starting from as low as $10/month (as a minimum) up to the limit as per subscriber’s discretion.
AlQaim Foundation collects Sadaqah  (via monthly subscription or Sadaqah boxes – which are now available), Khum’s ( only Sehme-Sadaat as per your Marja’s Fatwa), Zakaat and general khairaat.
AlQaim Foundation also collects discrete and random donations  (apart from monthly subscriptions)
In the future, AQF will be looking to raise funds through various fundraising activities within Islamic jurisdiction ‎for which your suggestion are highly recommended.
The basics:
1) No one in this Foundation has any designation (other then to fulfill legal requirements); All are servants of Imam-e Zamana (AS),
2) All the donors are partners and organizers of AlQaim Foundation. “No one is nothing and anyone is everything” in the AlQaim Foundation
3) Every Donor can bring eligible project for funding, of course due diligence and member’s consent will be required for initiating any project ‎.
4) Not a single penny is used for personal administration or expenses. As it is the Imam’s wealth, we will ensure that in its entirety, 100% of it reach those who are deserving of it.
5) Financials of Al-Q aim will be distributed among all the monthly subscribers at least once in the quarter. 
How to join?
Call (403) 999-4614 or (403) 971-9563 to fill out a pledge card and/or receive a sadaqah box. 
Note: To become a monthly donor, you must fill out the pledge card.

May Allah (SWT) reward all your noble efforts.
Jazakum’Allah Khair


Riyaz Khawaja

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