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Families Needs Help For Medical Treatment


Al-qaim Charity Foundation has received request for help from 2 families in Pakistan.

1st of the families is going through very tough time due to medical treatment of their family member.

One of their family member had liver transplant that was paid by the family themselves but now the patient has another medical emergency and needs kidney transplant. They have already spent all their life savings on medical expenses and now has run out of all their savings.

2nd of the families has their relative diagnosed with Blood cancer and going through hard time..

Both cases have been verified for the situation.

We request all momineen/mominaat to donate to help the needy.

Please donate generously as the medical expense is high and due to emergency, charitable hospital is not able to help much.

Jazakallah khair for your consideration.


UPDATE: The sick person of the 2nd family mentioned above couldn’t survive cancer..May Allah(swt) give her place in Jannah. Please recite surah-fatiha for her soul. Thank you

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