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Your Donation Helps The Poor Around the World.

What does Al-Qaim mean?

The Al-Qaim Charity Foundation has been named after the 12th successor of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The term ‘Al-Qaim’ literally means “the one who rises [to spread justice].”

Who Are We?

The Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017. The Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is run by a group of passionate volunteers consisting of men, women and youth with the sole intention of facilitating an environment to extend a helping hand to those in dire need. The special thing about Al-Qaim is that our administration costs are very close to zero; this ensures that we are able to pass on the maximum donation to the needy. We do not have salaried employee or paid human help to run the organization.

Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is registered with the Government of Canada and is currently working to get registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as well. Therefore, currently the donations made to us are not tax-deductible.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is synonymous to the Islamic and Prophetic Tradition of helping those in need and giving charity. Our mission is to to bring happiness into the lives of orphaned children and families in need of financial support. We hope that all contributions made by our generous donors will bring laughter and joy into their hearts. The initial contributions, made by the Shi’a Community of Calgary, further assisted our mission and motivated us to continue investing more time and efforts to provide assistance to more families in need.

Our Motto

Our motto at Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is “Together, we can make a difference!” Our motto means that by giving charity and helping others, we are making the world a better place, one donation at a time.

The Support We Provide

Through donations, we are able to offer food, clothing, shelter and other necessities of life (FCSN) to needy people around the world. Al-Qaim Charity Foundation also provides financial support for underprivileged children, women and families who are poor, facing a medical emergency or are in need of  financial aid due to a sudden change of circumstances. Financial donations are also used to provide ongoing medical care, support for orphanages and the elderly.

How it Works

Al-Qaim Charity Foundation relies on its donors and volunteers to bring someone in need of financial aid to our attention. Afterwards, the board members begin the process so that the individual may be vetted for eligibility. The Al-Qaim Charity Foundation has a specific criteria in accordance with some operational bylaws, for an individual to be deemed eligible for our support. Firstly, we verify the identity of the individual through reliable sources such as trusted people living nearby. Secondly, we verify their situation to ensure that The Donor trust is established and to make sure the donation is spent in the best possible way for the purpose of relief. And lastly, we verify the needy’s integrity and put our best efforts to look into the truth behind each case, while not judging anyone based on their race, religion or appearance.


The Al-Qaim Charity Foundation is not affiliated with any religious organization in Calgary.

How can you join?

Anybody is able to participate in this cause by any of the following methods:

You can pledge a minimum of $10/month (ask for a pledge card)

Ask for a free sadaqah (donation) box
Sponsor an orphan/family
Sponsor a scholarship grant within the Calgary Shi’a community (coming soon!)

Payment Methods

We accept donations via the following methods:

Email Transfer


Direct Deposit(contact us for Bank account details)


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