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Al-Qaim Volunteers Serve A Meal Drive July 2018

Al-Qaim Serve a Meal Drive Scheduled for July 14th 2018

  • Abbas Momin
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With grace of the creator of the universe, another server a meal drive was successfully completed with about 300 meals served to homeless men/women at calgary drop-in and rehab center. It was exciting to see people taking the chicked rice and 1 litre juice bottles from Al-Qaim volunteers, thanking and exchanging God bless wishes. It makes the heart fill great with this small good deed. All volunteers participated with excitement and joy and wished keep carrying on to share our fortune with less fortunate people of our loving city of Calgary.

Next Serve a meal drive is planned for August 18th tentatively, keep in touch with Al-Qaim Charity Foundation to participate or contribute towards next charity event.

Thank you for reading.

Abbas Momin

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